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Can't find equipment that can get the job done? Sift through an assortment of the best drill rigs that are built to last. And won't let you down. Only on Power Drive Supply.  Dependability is not just about durability; it's also about precision and efficiency. Our drilling rigs feature advanced automation and control systems that optimize drilling processes, reduce human error, and enhance overall operational excellence. This ensures that your drilling projects are not only reliable but also executed with the utmost efficiency.

1000 HP, 1500 PH, 2000 PH & 3000 PH Rigs Available

Advanced drill rigs

Our drill rigs have cutting-edge technology to maximize efficiency and minimize downtime. Power Drive Supply sales everything from compact rigs for urban environments to heavy-duty rigs for challenging terrains, our versatile selection ensures that every drilling project is executed with precision. Designed for optimal drilling performance while prioritizing safety. Power Driver Supply sales  Blohm & Voss, Forum Energy Technologies, Ross Hill and many more.

Affordable priced drilling rigs

Power Driver Supply has the big brands at small brand prices. When it comes to heavy duty drilling machinery you can't afford to buy something that can't do the job. We carry Continental Emsco, Ideco & Omron and many more. Get the highest quality tools to keep your workers safe, keep the work going & the least amount of breakdowns; so you can do it all over again tomorrow.