Air compressors have become an essential tool for those who require compressed air for home and industrial applications. When looking to purchase used air compressors for sale, it's essential to know what to look for in terms of quality to ensure that you're investing in a tool that will meet your needs and will operate efficiently. Let’s take a look at what to look for in a used air compressor. 

When it comes to air compressors, sometimes used is actually beneficial–in that the units are tried and tested and known for garnering successful results. Start shopping for used air compressors for sale today with Power Drive Supply and take your business endeavors to the next level! Let us answer any questions you may have so you can make the next smart purchase for your company. 

What to Look for in a Quality Used Air Compressor for Sale

When it comes to selecting a quality used air compressor, you’ll want to look at a few key characteristics. From the amount of power your air compressor can pack to the portability of the unit. Let’s go over some of the key factors to weigh when it comes to finding a good used air compressor. 

Consider Power Supply

The first thing to consider when purchasing a used air compressor is the power supply. A significant factor to consider is whether you'll require an electric air compressor versus a cordless model. Electric air compressors are ideal for people who need a long-lasting and reliable source of compression. Cordless air compressors, on the other hand, are portable, and they work with a combination of batteries and motors. In essence, cordless air compressors provide convenience.

Consider the Model of the Air Compressor

Air compressors come in two models: stationary and portable. Stationary air compressors are larger and have a higher horsepower as well as larger storage tanks designed for longer periods of use; portable air compressors, on the other hand, have smaller storage tanks and are easy to move from one work area to another.

Portable air compressors are ideal for light and quick applications, such as airbrushing, powering nail guns, etc. These come in different styles, such as pancake compressors, hot dog compressors, twin-stack compressors, or wheelbarrow compressors. Ensure you choose a portable air compressor that suits your work needs.

What Is the Air Compressor’s Capacity?

The air compressor's capacity is another critical factor to consider. Essentially, a compressor's capacity determines the amount of air that it can compress and deliver to pneumatic tools or systems. Higher capacity compressors are ideal for more significant works that require more air volume.

Does It Come With Special Features?

When looking to purchase a used air compressor, you must consider whether it comes with special features. Some of the unique features to look out for include the number of stages, horsepower, and thermal overload protection. Some models come with wheels to provide mobility and portability. 

Included Accessories?

Another essential aspect to consider is whether the used air compressor comes with the necessary accessories you'll need to operate the tool efficiently. Some of the accessories include air hoses, quick-release couplings, air filters, pressure regulators, and air spray guns. Purchasing an air compressor with these accessories will save you money in the long run.

Warranties, Guarantees, Safety Certifications, or Testing

When purchasing a used air compressor, it is important to make sure that it is safe to use and is still in good working condition. Look for air compressors that have been tested and inspected, and make sure they come with some form of guarantee or warranty. Additionally, look for safety certifications to ensure that the air compressor is safe to use.

Air Compressor FAQ

Air compressors are essential tools to have, whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a professional in the manufacturing industry. They come in handy for powering a wide range of pneumatic tools, such as grinders, sanders, and nailers. However, you may still have some questions about air compressors and their accessories. Now, we’ll answer some frequently asked questions about air compressor hoses, safety concerns, and how to choose the best air compressor for your needs.

Are Air Compressor Hoses Universal?

No, air compressor hoses are not universal. You need to select a hose that suits the type of air compressor that you have. Important factors to take into consideration when choosing a hose include the length, diameter, material, and pressure rating. There are two main types of hoses: rubber hoses and PVC hoses. Rubber hoses are more durable and crack-resistant than PVC hoses, but they are more expensive. PVC hoses are lightweight and flexible but not suitable for heavy-duty use.

Will Air Compressor Explode?

Air compressors are powerful machines that use pressurized air to generate energy. As such, they pose a potential safety risk if safety precautions are not followed. The risk of explosion depends on how well you maintain your air compressor, how much pressure it generates, and how long it is used. To prevent explosions, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and never exceed the maximum pressure rating of the air compressor. Always release the built-up pressure before using or maintaining the air compressor.

Can Air Compressor Get Wet?

Air compressors are machines that use air to generate energy. Therefore, they operate best in dry environments. If an air compressor gets wet, it can short-circuit and damage the motor. Moisture can also cause corrosion and rust, which can reduce the lifespan of your air compressor. So, it is essential to keep your air compressor away from moisture sources, such as rain, snow, or damp areas in your workshop or garage.

Which Air Compressor Is Best?

The best air compressor depends on your specific needs and budget. The main factors to consider when selecting an air compressor include the type of tools you want to power, the amount of compressed air needed, and the room size available for the compressor. Portable air compressors are ideal for small-scale projects and DIY enthusiasts, while stationary air compressors are ideal for large workshops and manufacturing facilities. The most common types of air compressors on the market are pancake, hotdog, twin-stack, and wheelbarrow compressors.

Used Air Compressors for Sale "Near Me"

Air compressors are powerful machines that have many uses. However, using them safely and effectively requires some knowledge and careful consideration of the factors discussed in this guide. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using air compressors, and avoid using them in wet environments. Select a hose that suits your type of air compressor, and choose the best air compressor that meets your specific needs. With the right air compressor, you can complete your professional projects with ease and efficiency.

Why work harder when you can work smarter? Investing in a quality used air compressor is key for moving your projects forward, presenting a professional image, and improving employee morale while boosting the bottom line. Want to know more about your financing options? Reach out to us for more information on ways you can harness the power of the amazing air compressor!